1. Introduction
The General Terms and Conditions of Sale mentioned below (hereinafter called "General Terms and Conditions") regulate the contractual relations between all users of the site and sites linked to www.cycleurdeluxeshop.com/cycleurdeluxe.com/cycleursworld.com (hereinafter called “user” or “U”), and the commercial institution BT Projects (hereinafter called "BT Projects").

These General Terms and Conditions of Sale are the only applicable terms and conditions and replace all other terms and conditions, except in the event of prior, explicit and written modification. BT Projects can be induced to modify the General Terms and Conditions. Therefore, it is necessary to read these before every visit to the site and sites linked to www.cycleurdeluxeshop.com (hereinafter called the “Site”). We assume that, at the validation of your order, you have read and accepted without any reservation our General Terms and Conditions of Sale.

By connecting to the Site, you undertake to respect the General Terms and Conditions and the Terms and Conditions of Use mentioned on the Site.

2. Placing an Order
You can place an order in the following ways:
- over the Internet via our site(s): www.cycleurdeluxeshop.com/cycleursworld.com/cycleurdeluxe.com 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week.
- by email: support@vannestelifestylegroup.com (emails are processed the next working day during office hours)

We confirm receipt by email.
3. Cancelling an Order
Order that were placed and that the user afterwards wants to renounce can be cancelled without any additional costs. Note that cancellation has to be effected before the order is sent. Orders can be cancelled by contacting us by phone on +32 (0)9 258 14 05 or by sending an email to support@vannestelifestylegroup.com

4. Product Information

BT Projects takes the utmost care when putting online information on product properties, technical descriptions based on information provided by its partners and suppliers, and photos illustrating products, all of this in as far as the technical means allow doing so and in accordance with the best standards available on the market.

5. Prices

The sales prices mentioned on the site are inclusive of VAT, but exclusive of shipping costs and administrative costs, if any. Administrative costs and shipping costs, if any, are at the expense of the user and are calculated at the end of the order, in addition to the price of the selected products.
All prices are expressed in Euros and inclusive of VAT.
We reserve the right to modify the prices at any moment, but undertake to apply the tariffs mentioned on the site at the moment you placed your order.
6. Availability
Every seller has its own policy concerning shipment. 
Products ordered from BT Projects (seller account 'cycleur de luxe').
We can process your order dependent on the supplies available.
In case an article you ordered would not be available, we undertake to inform you thereof by mail within fifteen days after you placed your order and will indicate the delivery period.  

7. Delivery Periods
Every seller has its own policy concerning shipment. 
Products ordered from BT Projects (seller account 'cycleur de luxe').
Obviously, we make all possible efforts to deliver the articles ordered as soon as possible. As soon as the purchase price has been booked into our account, the articles ordered will be sent within 5 working days.

8. Delivery Mode
Every seller has its own policy concerning shipment, delivery and return.
Products ordered from BT Projects (seller account 'cycleur de luxe').
Your order is delivered to the address mentioned on your order form.

Upon receipt of the goods, it is important to check whether the products are in conformity with your order and, if such is not the case, to indicate the anomaly on the order form that has to be signed afterwards.
Without any legal precedents, we advise you to communicate complaints on untimely deliveries by email sent to the seller of the product. Returned goods from BT Projects will only be accepted if they are in the original state, i.e. in their original packing, and with accessories and accompanying directions for use or documents, if any.
9. Right to Restitution

Not good, money back. Send an email to support@vannestelifestylegroup.com in case you should want to return an article.
BT Projects offers you a term of 7 working days during which you can return a product of which you are not satisfied. Within that term you can return the product, at your own expense.  This term starts on the first day upon receipt of the product by or on behalf of the consumer. We recommend returning the goods by registered letter. This in order to avoid discussion in case of theft or loss of the products by the carrier.
Costs for return shipments are at the expense of the user, unless determined otherwise by the seller of the product.

Only complete (accessories, directions for use) products that have not been used yet and are packed in the original packing can be accepted.

Products that are damaged cannot be refunded under the terms and conditions mentioned below.
If a returned article is damaged or incomplete upon receipt by BT Projects, a reduction will be applied that is based on a technical inspection of the product. BT Projects will justify this reduction in a document drawn up by our services.

The terms mentioned above start to run at the moment of receipt of the order.

10. Return Shipments

A return shipment shall be sent by the company de Post or any other carrier, determined by the seller.
Costs for return shipments are at the expense and the risks of the user.
Prior to returning the goods, send an email to support@vannestelifestylegroup.com mentioning the order number, name and address of the user and the product that you wish to return. Also indicate whether you wish to be refunded or whether you wish to order another product. In case you should exercise your right of restitution, BT Projects will make all possible efforts to refund the user as soon as possible. Nevertheless, this depends on the technical inspection that is carried out on the products and that can take maximally 3 weeks.
11. Guarantee and After-Sales Service
All products sold come under:
- the legal guarantee of conformity;
- the legal guarantee against hidden flaws;
Costs for returning a product are at the expense of the customer. Nevertheless, if an article is returned in the scope of the conformity guarantee, the shipping costs will be refunded to the customer.
Products can be returned by the company de Post (or any other carrier).

Regardless of the problem found with the article, the defective product shall always be accompanied by the return form.

The guarantee of the products sold by BT Projects is not applicable to:
- abnormal or non-conform use of the products. We therefore recommend to carefully read through the directions for use, if any, supplied with the products;
- flaws resulting from non-conform use or non-intended use;
- flaws resulting from external causes.
In all events, BT Projects cannot be held liable if a seller/supplier/manufacturer of BT Projects refuses to apply its guarantee.

In case a product should not come under the scope of the guarantee, a cost estimate will be drawn up. If the cost estimate is refused, administrative costs will have to be paid to the manufacturer. If the customer agrees with the quotation, the sum of the quotation shall be paid to BT Projects.   

12. Disputes and Liability

BT Projects cannot be held liable for the non-execution of the sales agreement as a consequence of force majeure, as laid down by the Belgian justice or by a mistake of the customer or an unforeseen and insurmountable fact by a third party. BT Projects cannot be held liable for the consequences of incorrect use of the products sold via the Site.

13. Protection of Personal Data

The information you have to give is necessary for processing and finishing your orders, and for drawing up invoices and guarantee contracts. In case these data should be missing, the order will be cancelled. By registering on the site of BT Projects you undertake to communicate us your correct personal data. Communication of incorrect personal data will be considered as an infringement on the present General Terms and Conditions of Use.

When you register on the Site, you can click the option to receive promotional emails with news items, stock-clearance offers, exclusive actions and bargains.
BT Projects is the only party that has access to your personal data. Only BT Projects and its contracting partners have the right to send you information regarding specific and regular promotional actions. These partners are especially selected by BT Projects and are appreciated for the quality of their products and services.
14. General Information
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